Good dog food

Dog owners rightly wonder how to recognise good dog food. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying dog food.

The selection is wide

There is an extremely wide selection of dog food on the market. Whether at specialist retailers or online – new dog owners are faced with an enormous choice of dog food and often do not know which one they should decide on. After all, people want to buy good dog food at a fair price. But how do you recognise a good dog food? And what type of food is actually the best? Wet food, dry food, a combination of both, or even BARF?


Every dog owner, breeder and vet has their own opinion. Fortunately, the dog can be fed healthily with wet or dry food, or a combination of the two, as long as you have chosen a good complete dog food. When choosing the right food, dog owners should therefore take into account the type of dog food (complete dog food, supplementary dog food), the phase of life, and the individual needs of the dog. For example, young dogs need a different dog food to older dogs, agile dogs a different one to dogs with a calmer temperament, and healthy dogs different food to dogs that are ill. Fortunately, there is an extensive range of good dog food available that takes into account a dog’s individual needs.

Characteristics of a good dog food

A good dog food should contain a high proportion of high-quality meaty raw materials and should be free from sugar, flavour enhancers and artificial colours and preservatives. If you are looking for a suitable food for your dog, then you should read the information on the product carefully. With its comprehensive product range, animonda offers a wide selection of high-quality dog food that provides the dog with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. 


Dog food for every phase of life

Even the best dog food must also be suited to the stage of the dog’s life. Here, the age of the dog is the decisive factor. A puppy has different nutritional requirements to an adult dog (1 year and older) or a senior dog (7 years and older). The nutritional composition of the respective food is therefore different. Puppies need a great deal of energy and high-quality proteins and minerals for healthy growth. In adult dogs, the energy requirement depends, among other things, on their activity and whether they live indoors or outdoors. Older dogs often prefer a much quieter life.


This is why a good dog food not only has to provide the dog with all the essential nutrients it needs, but also has to meet its special requirements. For dogs who are ill, there is dietary food available that can support veterinary treatment. Integra Protect, for example, provides dietary food for dogs with chronic kidney failure, diarrhoea, or a food allergy

Tip:  If you are planning to change your dog’s food, make sure that you do this gradually to ensure that its intestinal flora can get used to it. When switching food, start off with around a third of the new product, and then increase the proportion continuously over a period of 10 days until finally the dog only has the new food.

How much does good dog food cost?

Good dog food obviously has its price, but it does not have to be expensive. animonda offers a very good price/performance ratio: high-quality dog food at a fair price. When choosing a dog food, you should, among other things, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it a complete dog food?
  2. What amount of meaty ingredients does it contain? 
  3. Is it free from artificial colours and preservatives?
  4. Is it free from added sugar and flavour enhancers?
  5. Is it suitable for my dog's life phase?

But there is one thing you should not forget: Your dog must also like the food! Good complete food is often available in a wide variety of flavours, so in the end it is always possible to find good dog food for every dog.

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