A homemade activity fun board for cats

An activity fun board provides cats with a fun and meaningful way to occupy themselves. It is easy to make with just a few simple items. You will find all the information you need in our instructions and in our video.

What is a cat activity fun board?

An activity fun board is all about providing a cat with a fun way to occupy itself. Here, all kinds of objects that are suitable for hiding treats are attached to a solid base plate. The cat has to use its skills to get hold of the “prey” under, in, or between these objects.

What are the advantages of an activity fun board for a cat?

Not every cat is allowed outside and is free to play outdoors to its heart’s content. Many are indoor cats that simply enjoy a little variety in their daily routines. This can be provided, for example, by means of a cat tree, a homemade fishing rod toy, scented cushions, or an activity fun board. This has a number of advantages:

  1. A mental challenge
    Cats are highly intelligent creatures. Many love the challenge of searching for treats on an activity fun board.
  2. A welcome pastime
    If you have two or more cats that are allowed outside, you do not have to worry about your pets getting bored. The situation is, however, different for indoor cats, especially if they spend a lot of their time alone. They are always delighted to every now and then have something new to keep them occupied, for example an activity fun board.
  3. Agility & coordination
    Depending on how challenging the activity fun board is, the cat will need both its paws and its tongue to get to the treats. This helps to train its dexterity and sensory perception.
  4. Ideal for overweight cats
    Cats that are prone to being overweight should be kept active in order to burn off energy. It can be a good idea to hide part of their daily food allowance in the form of dry food or treats hidden in an activity fun board.

What do I need in order to make an activity fun board?

Let your creativity run wild. Anything that enables you to hide a treat can be used. Look around your home and collect any objects that can be used to create your activity fun board.

For our activity fun board we used the following items:

  1. An empty egg box
  2. Toilet paper rolls
  3. Milk snack cups
  4. Containers from surprise eggs
  5. Wooden dowel pegs

You also need a sturdy wooden board as a base, scissors and a waterproof glue. We decided to use hot glue.

How to make our activity fun board

  1. Depending on how many cats the activity fun board is intended for and how many objects you want to include, you will need an appropriately sized board measuring around 30 x 50 centimetres.
  2. Prepare all the items: cut the toilet paper rolls into different lengths, peel off the lids of the milk snacks and cut the egg boxes in half.
  3. Spread everything out over the board. Do not position the objects too close to each other, so the cat has plenty of opportunities to reach them from different sides.
  4. When all the items are roughly in place, you can start gluing them on. Use a waterproof glue that will not come off if a cat accidentally licks it.
  5. Check that everything is firmly attached and wait for the glue to dry before filling the activity fun board with treats.
  6. Now it is time for the cats to take a look at their new toy and try it out. Observe how your pets get on with the activity fun board. It is fine if it presents them with a challenge, in fact it should do, but it is important that it also includes treats that are easy to reach. An early moment of success will encourage cats to continue the quest.
  7. If you notice that some of the treats are too difficult for your cat to reach, you may be able to make things easier for your pet by cutting away parts of the object concealing the treats.
  8. We hope you have a lot of fun with your homemade activity fun board and would like to finish by pointing out that for reasons of hygiene, it may be necessary to every now and then replace one or two of the items or to clean the board.

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