Good cat food

Cat owners rightly wonder how to recognise a good cat food. Here are some tips to help you choose.

There is a wide selection of cat food on the market. Whether at specialist retailers or online, new cat owners tend to at first be completely overwhelmed by the wide range available and do not know which food to choose. Good cat food is the basis for a long and healthy cat life. But how can you recognise a good cat food? And what type of food is best for your cat? Wet food, dry food or a combination of both? In the case of a good complete food, you are able to feed your cat in a species-appropriate way with both wet and dry products.


High-quality cat food should contain a high proportion of high-quality meaty raw materials. The cat food should be natural and unadulterated, and free from added sugar, flavour enhancers and artificial colours and preservatives. The product packaging will provide you with important information when making your choice. animonda offers you a variety of products that provide cats with all the essential minerals and vitamins they require.

Good cat food for every phase of life

Even the best cat food must also be suited to the stage of the cat’s life. The age of the cat is the decisive factor here. A young, growing cat has different nutritional needs to those of adult or older cats. And accordingly, the nutritional requirements of cats differ in each phase of their lives. Kittens need a great deal of energy and high quality proteins and minerals for healthy growth. With adult cats, the energy requirement depends on whether they live indoors or outdoors, and their temperament. Older cats (aged 7 years and over), on the other hand, tend to prefer a quieter life. A good cat food must therefore not only provide the cat with all the essential nutrients it needs, but also meet the special requirements of its respective life phase. For cats who are ill, there is dietary food available that can support veterinary treatment. Integra Protect, for example, provides dietary food for cats suffering from chronic kidney failure, urinary stones, diabetes, diarrhoea or a food allergy.

Wet or dry food?

Cat owners not only want to know what cat food is good, but also whether wet or dry food is the better choice for their cats. Basically, it can be said that wet food comes closest to the cat‘s natural diet. After all, a wild cat’s menu is usually a mouse, which consists of around 70 percent liquid. This moisture content closely resembles that of wet cat food. As former desert animals, cats tend to ingest too little fluid. A cat can cover most of its fluid requirements by eating wet food. A cat can also be fed just as well exclusively with dry food. However, the cat will need to cover its water requirement primarily via its water bowl. 


Good cat food obviously has its price, but it does not have to be expensive. animonda offers a very good price/performance ratio: high-quality cat food at a fair price. If you are planning on changing your cat’s food, or are faced with choosing a cat food for the first time, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it a complete cat food?
  2. Is the food suitable for my cat’s life phase?
  3. What amount of meaty ingredients does it contain?
  4. Is it free from added sugar and flavour enhancers?
  5. Is it free from artificial colours and preservatives?

But there is one thing you should not forget: your cat must also like it! Cats tend to be picky eaters. Fortunately, however, good cat food is available in a wide variety of flavours, so you will find something suitable for every cat.

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